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Who CNAs Are and What People Have to Know about Them

Certified nursing assistants (CNA in short) are special healthcare workers whose duty is namely to assist nurses or other senior healthcare providers. Their main task usually is in helping with bathing, dressing, feeding patients, taking care of bedridden people, etc. They also undertake such tasks as taking vital signs (temperature, blood pressure, pulse and so on). Sometimes, they are engaged in cleaning, too. These assistants work mainly in hospitals, nursing homes and hospices, but can also be hired for home care. Not all of those persons who look after patients at home are healthcare aides, but quite often certificates are desirable.

Why People Have to Think Carefully

Becoming a certified nursing assistant needs a serious consideration. The matter is that the job is quite tough: the emotional strain can be very high. It certainly depends on the personal attitude towards this work, but in the majority of cases the specifics of this job is enough for many people to think twice before starting. Those people who think that they will make a great career after becoming a nursing aide are mistaken: this profession offers many different jobs, but all of them lie in the same frame. It is not possible to become a senior healthcare officer without studying again at a respective training course, so working as an aide can be only the first step towards a bidder goal.

Joining the Course

Becoming a CNA is not too complicated: it is rather easy to join the course and it lasts for only several weeks. Normally, the course lasts within six to twelve weeks. The length of the training usually depends on local demands (they can vary in different states and countries), but usually such aides can find jobs in other states, too, because certificates they obtain are valid nationwide. Numerous tech schools and colleges offer such training courses, and they are also available online. Details of studying can be found at resources like cnacertificationclassesonline.com or many others.

The Prospects and Opportunities

There is another fact that needs to be thought over before starting such courses: it is said that salaries of such aids are not as high as people usually think. Sometimes, people even think that they are underpaid for the job they are doing. Yet, as the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows, the average payment such workers receive makes ten to twelve dollars per hour. Annually, the amount reaches twenty or twenty-four thousands. At the same time, salaries of nurses are no higher than fifteen dollars, so that their annual income is something about thirty thousands. As a rule, certified nursing assistants usually have their legal vacations that last for a week.


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